Are tiny houses legal? What kind of permit do I need? Can I legally park my tiny on my land?

Once you own any piece of land in Greece you can place your tiny house on wheels, no permit is required. If there is no electricity and water available, you have to be autonomous. You can achieve this with the off-grid package that includes photovoltaics for electricity, and gas for the high power appliances (hot water/ cooker/ heating). A pump supplies water to your tiny from an external tank. The tank needs to be supplied and installed by the client.

To be legal, your trailer needs a registration and a Greek number plate. We can take care of the customs import and registration for €1100.

Can my tiny house be delivered to my land?

Some lands have difficult access. Generally the rule of thumb is that if a long truck can access your land easily then a tiny house can probably access it too. Sometimes special vehicles have to be used to tow the tiny on lands with difficult or very steep access.

If you are concerned that your area might have difficult access we can inspect your land for a small fee and share our experience but the land preparation & communication with other parties has to be managed by you.

Why don't I buy directly from Eco-Tiny? Surely it is cheaper.

As a reseller we have a discount. This discount is effectively our payment and we are able to give you the same price while able to support you with all the above (legislation, registration etc, installation and levelling etc).

Timeline & Payment Plan

a) Contact us for a quotation.

b) Once there is an agreement and the contracts and plans are signed a 50% payment is required.

c) Once the build is complete, we will show you photos & videos of your fully functioning tiny and 40% is required.

d) Finally the remaining 10% is required with the delivery of the tiny.

d) For registration in Greece we will need an extra €1100+VAT.